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Posted on 27 August 2021 at 10:17 in Stories

Looking for a wholesale company to purchase catering furniture at? Then you should deifnitely pay a visit to our wholesale, Gert Snel. In our collection you'll find diverse restaurant tables, dining chairs, bar stools and decorative items to furnish and decorate your restaurant, club or bar with. Curious about all the options? Visit our showroom to discover our wide range of hospitality taste makers!

With our dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools and unique decorations you will definitely create a distinctive atmosphere in your business. The best part about purchasing at our wholesale for catering businesses? You can both purchase furniture items, such as restaurant tables and bar stools and the unique decorations that make your business stand out. Visit our showroom to discover all options for your business, or go directly to our online shop to enjoy online purchasing.

Purchase restaurant tables at Gert Snel

Our small square dining tables are the perfect tables for your restaurant. They’re made out of the best quality wood and the steel table legs give a tough, industrial look to your club, bar or restaurant. Looking to purchase round dinner tables? Our round, wooden table tops match perfectly with our steel frames and legs. Looking for a more classic look? Our round dining tables are also available with a wooden base. The plus side? Round tables are that more cozy and therefore the perfect additions to your restaurant or the dining area of your business. Besides compact dinner tables, Gert Snel is also known for their extra long dinner tables. How about placing our 6 meters long dining table in your restaurant? The perfect table for hosting large groups of people and without a doubt a true eye-catcher!

A wide range of dining chairs

Of course no dining area is complete without a couple of (comfortable) dining chairs. At our wholesale you can choose from a wide range of dining room chairs that will turn the dining area in your business into a success. Want to purchase dining chairs for your restaurant, club or bar? How about choosing our velvet chairs? Or are you looking for a more retro vibe? Then you should definitely think about purchasing our classic wooden dining chairs. If your business needs a more industrial approach our leather dining chairs are a must for you!

Purchase bar stools at Gert Snel

Are you looking to purchase bar furniture? The bar stools at wholesaler Gert Snel are something else! Our light wooden bar stools are perfect for creating a boho vibe at your restaurant or (beach) club. Our leather bar stools on the other hand will strenghten the industrial vibe at your bar for sure. Is your club, bar or restaurant really high end or modern and do you want to add a classy touch? Then you should deifnitely purchsae our velvet bar stools. From simple round bar stools to bar chairs with a back; we have plenty of choice in our wholesale in furniture!

Decorations for your restaurant, bar of club

Why stop at the furnishing of your restaurant, bar or club? At Gert Snel Interiors you will find plenty of unique interior decorations to complete the look and feel in your business with. How about some impressive large pots that will both look great on the inside and outside of your business? And your restaurant or club could definitely use one or two of our vintage carpets or kilim rugs to ensure the right atmosphere. And how about our beautiful hanging lamps, floor lamps or wall lamps? The perfect way to create classy lighting points.

Want to go with a real eye catcher? Our wholesale company is known for it’s unique and impressive rarities. How about adding a gigantic wooden or stone horse to your business or an antique ferris wheel? Or do you want to keep it a bit more ‘simple’ by adding some great antique doors as wall decorations or a large stone statue as a taste maker? Whatever decorative item you’re looking to add to your restaurant, club or bar you will find it at wholesale in furniture Gert Snel!

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