Estancia Gauchos

Like a solitary, handsome cowboy over the pampas, you gather the cattle. The Gaucho lifestyle is based on a love for the outdoors and is filled with memories. Their nomadic existence is wild and free. The interior of the Estancia boasts many unique, vintage items with an aged patina. The materials we use are raw; leather, woven kilims, and wood. We also incorporate earthy tones and ethnic prints, often faded by the intense sun. This style exudes a rugged and industrial aesthetic with elegant iron elements. It has a restrained and pure look with a focus on comfort. Estancia Gauchos, where silence is a blessing.

Estancia Gauchos: a mix of cool,

rustic and robust romance

An eye for comfort.

Silence is a blessing.

  • Unlike any other

    Mirror wood carving colored

  • Chair Cross mango wood

  • Console table Bassano 3 drawers 120×37

  • Console table Palang 150×40

Four tips to create the atmosphere of Estancia Gauchos.

  1. Natural materials: Incorporate rough and natural materials such as cowhide, leather, wood, and stone in the interior. These materials are characteristic of the rugged and robust look that suits the Gaucho theme. Consider cactus-like plants such as Aloe vera or sanseveria.
  2. Earthy colors: Opt for dark and faded colors like camel, gray, weathered blue, and army green to create a rustic atmosphere. These shades complement the rugged and understated aesthetics of the Argentine cowboy theme and reflect outdoor life on the dry pampas.
  3. Vintage and weathered items: Seek out unique, vintage items with an aged patina. Think of antique furniture pieces, an old rocking horse, woven kilims, old leather saddles, and other decorative elements that evoke a sense of history and adventure.
  4. Industrial accents: Add some industrial accents to enhance the rugged look. Think of iron elements, such as lamps, stools, or decorative accessories with a metal finish.

Industrial Heritage

With an emphasis on natural materials like leather and wood, the interior exudes a rugged vibe. Ethnic accents, such as woven kilims and traditional textile fabrics with distinctive check or stripe patterns, add a touch of cultural richness to the space and provide literal warmth.

The Gaucho-style interior embodies a harmonious blend of minimalist simplicity, ethnic influences, and the understated opulence of industrial heritage.

Industrial elements, like metal lamps, vintage stools, and roughly finished accessories, complement the Estancia with its unique vintage items bearing a rich and dark patina. Industrial furniture, in addition to robust, simple forms, also features graceful, decorative elements, such as cast-iron legs, adding flair to the overall aesthetic.


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