Table lamps

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  • Lamp base cement pot MLamp base cement pot M sideviewUnlike any other

    Lamp base cement pot M

  • Lamp base Preston glass blueLamp base Preston glass blue sideview

    Lamp base Preston glass blue

  • Lamp base Kingston glass blackLamp base Kingston glass black sideview

    Lamp base Kingston glass black

  • Lamp base Preston glass brownLamp base Preston glass brown sideview

    Lamp base Preston glass brown

  • Ceramic lamp baseCeramic lamp base sideview

    Ceramic lamp base

  • Table lamp  Ricepot largeTable lamp  Ricepot large sideview

    Table lamp Ricepot large

  • Lampvoet Fles Porto mustardLampvoet Fles Porto mustard sideview

    Lampvoet Fles Porto mustard

  • Lamp base bone 20x20x27Lamp base bone 20x20x27 sideview

    Lamp base bone 20x20x27

  • Table lamp Brighton dark greyTable lamp Brighton dark grey sideview

    Table lamp Brighton dark grey

  • Table lamp VicenzaTable lamp Vicenza sideview

    Table lamp Vicenza

  • Lampbase black/whiteLampbase black/white sideviewUnlike any other

    Lampbase black/white

  • Table lamp Knobbel mediumTable lamp Knobbel medium sideview

    Table lamp Knobbel medium

  • Table lamp Knoopje smallTable lamp Knoopje small sideview

    Table lamp Knoopje small

  • Table lamp Puces smallTable lamp Puces small sideview

    Table lamp Puces small

  • Table lamp Orlando iron greyTable lamp Orlando iron grey sideview

    Table lamp Orlando iron grey

  • Table lamp Solisto blackTable lamp Solisto black sideview

    Table lamp Solisto black

  • Table lamp Ricepot large white/fTable lamp Ricepot large white/f sideview

    Table lamp Ricepot large white/f

  • Ricepot smallRicepot small sideview

    Ricepot small

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