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Gert Snel, both familiar and innovative

For many years, Gert Snel Interiors has been offering an extensive and extremely varied range of unique products from all over the world

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Our versatile and extensive collection makes sure that we can continue to offer inspiration to retailers, hospitality entrepeneurs and interior designers. We continue to search for items that will help shape your taste. From varnished wood to patinated copper, from trinket to eye-catcher, at Gert Snel Interiors you will find the items that match your taste and that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Paul Brouns Commercial director
Harry Wolff Sales
Christiaan van Gool Sales
Lieke van der Linden Sales
Banny Vieten Sales
Jasperine van Wakeren Sales & Online
Astrid Muijs Administration
Berno Brouwer Sales support
Theo van Kooten Sales support

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