Spirited Africa

The Savannah awakens – you can hear animal sounds in the background and the sun slowly rises. Traditional mud huts adorned with graphic designs grace the scene like true works of art. The interior of Spirited Africa is filled with primitive artifacts such as masks, tribal art, and animal prints. Handmade objects are robust, organic, and pure. Materials like terracotta, linen, and wood are extensively used. This expressive style encompasses bold colors, striking patterns, and vibrant textures that well reflect the diversity and rich history of the African continent. The use of graphic designs, inspired by traditional African art and symbolism, creates a striking and visually appealing interior.

African influences bring a feeling of

adventure and discovery in an interior.

Raw textures, woven fabrics and unique wood

carvings add an authentic touch.

  • Basket Piola rattan with handles SET OF 3

  • Dining Table Shanghai black Ø180×76

  • Vase Natal terracotta black/white 30,5×30,5×43

  • Unlike any other

    Wooden rack flinstone 200x40x242

  • Unlike any other

    Carpet Tulu 221×111

  • Unlike any other

    Rain cape brown 100×110

  • Basket Zara rattan blue with lid and handles SET OF 3

  • Coffee table Pavia bleached 150x40x44

Four tips to apply Spirited Africa in interior design

  1. Colors and patterns: Africa exudes a rich color palette and striking patterns. Think of vibrant earth tones, warm red hues, deep blue, or black as the night, inspired by the continent’s natural surroundings. Choose traditional African patterns for textiles or murals and consider primary forms to create an authentic atmosphere.
  2. Traditional art and crafts: Africa has a rich history of art and crafts that you can integrate into your designs. Using handmade artworks such as carvings or woven baskets quickly establishes an atmosphere. These crafts can serve as decorative elements or be incorporated as functional items in the design.
  3. Animal motifs and safari theme: Africa is famous for its rich wildlife. Consider incorporating animal motifs in decoration, such as elephants, lions, giraffes, or zebras. Opt for zebra stripes on textiles or an elephant head as decoration, but also think in textures like cabinets with scaled carvings or cuddly and fluffy pillows.
  4. Ethnic furniture: Consider adding ethnic, primal furniture, such as a hand-carved stool, root wood table, or a wooden cabinet with traditional motifs. These pieces of furniture can make a striking statement.

Whether you choose an expressive and colorful theme or prefer to create a soft and warm nest with earth tones. Adding African influences to the interior results in a powerful and immersive space, tribal-like, almost graphic elements, spirit animals as symbolic guides, and the robust beauty of natural materials. This fusion creates a harmonious and meaningful interior that embraces you while remaining exciting. Make extensive use of natural materials characteristic of the African continent, such as wood, reed, clay, or terracotta, and don’t forget to incorporate plants. These materials radiate warmth and authenticity and bring out the natural beauty of the African feel in your design. The style comes to life with these natural products. This is often seen in furniture, floors, or decorative elements to create an organic and earthy atmosphere.


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