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At Gert Snel you will find sofas of all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of unique sofas that are comfortable and fit in every interior and living style.


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  • Sofa Stockholm greySofa Stockholm grey sideview

    Sofa Stockholm grey

  • Sofa Oslo greySofa Oslo grey sideview

    Sofa Oslo grey

  • Bench wood 147x46x90Bench wood 147x46x90 sideviewUnlike any other

    Bench wood 147x46x90

  • Bench wood with pattern 147x46x90Bench wood with pattern 147x46x90 sideviewUnlike any other

    Bench wood with pattern 147x46x90

  • Sofa Kopenhagen beige 3 partsSofa Kopenhagen beige 3 parts sideview

    Sofa Kopenhagen beige 3 parts

  • Sofa Winslow linen naturalSofa Winslow linen natural sideview

    Sofa Winslow linen natural

  • Bench wood 141x77x103Bench wood 141x77x103 sideviewUnlike any other

    Bench wood 141x77x103

  • Bench woodBench wood sideviewUnlike any other

    Bench wood

  • Daybed woodDaybed wood sideviewUnlike any other

    Daybed wood

  • Daybed woodDaybed wood sideviewUnlike any other

    Daybed wood

  • Bench mango wood black 163x39x46Bench mango wood black 163x39x46 sideviewUnlike any other

    Bench mango wood black 163x39x46

  • Sofa Leyland brown 3 seaterSofa Leyland brown 3 seater sideview

    Sofa Leyland brown 3 seater

  • Daybed woodDaybed wood sideviewUnlike any other

    Daybed wood

  • Sofa Montana leather walnut 2,5 seaterSofa Montana leather walnut 2,5 seater sideview

    Sofa Montana leather walnut 2,5 seater

  • Bench Floris 200x32Bench Floris 200x32 sideview

    Bench Floris 200×32

  • Bench Floris 220x32Bench Floris 220x32 sideview

    Bench Floris 220×32

  • Bench Floris 240*32Bench Floris 240*32 sideview

    Bench Floris 240*32

  • Bench Floris 180*32Bench Floris 180*32 sideview

    Bench Floris 180*32

Discover our wide selection of sofas at wholesaler Gert Snel

A sofa is one of the largest items of furniture in your home. The appearance of a sitting area is strongly determined by the sofas. It is important that the sofa feels comfortable and matches the preferences of your customer. With Gert Snel you can rest assured and select the right set from our wide selection of sofas. Take a look at our extensive collection of sofas.


Material of the sofa

The fabric is of great importance for the appearance of the couches. Do you prefer a dark, light or a blended colour? We offer a choice of fabric, leather or wooden sofas. You have the choice of endless fabrics and materials. With the sofas from Gert Snel you are sure to select a model that will fit the latest trend or to pick a model that is completely unique, due to the original designs loaded with character.


Purchasing garden benches

It goes without saying that  you won’t find any standard garden benches in our collection. In fact, we have selected the most exceptional garden benches for you. Find the wooden garden bench that will make your terrace or entrance stand out! We also have many types of mattress cushions and outdoor cushions to provide your terrace or beach club with that cosy and charming look.


Visit our showroom in Linschoten

We want to make sure you make the right choice and that your customer can sit back and relax. Why not having a try-out session at our showroom in Linschoten? We present a variety of sofas: corner sofas, 3-seater and 4-seater sofas, four-poster beds, garden benches and loveseats. All are carefully selected and crafted with great expertise. We are happy to help you! Are you unable to visit our showroom in Linschoten? No problem! On our B2B-only webshop you can purchase your sofas online.

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