Artist in Residence

Imagine: the creative realm of the artist, a place bursting with creativity, boldness, and expressiveness, yet still organized within its chaos. Interior pieces have a story and contribute to the artist’s personality: workbenches, drawer cabinets, striking discoveries, and other treasures such as memorabilia and artworks are carefully gathered and displayed in a casual composition. This collage of stories in different styles blends into a warm, colorful, and joyful design.

A cottage of stories in different styles

…that blend into a creative whole

Curator of treasures from nature and special moments.

Seemingly without value, but made irreplaceable by the story behind them.

  • Unlike any other

    Side table desk with hatch

  • Brush wood/stone

  • Unlike any other

    Chest of drawers lacquer green 5drws 63x40x97

  • Unlike any other

    Cushion hemp indigo 50×70

  • Ceramic lamp base

  • Unlike any other

    Chair lacquer turquoise SET OF 2 70x58x95

  • Unlike any other

    Glass cabinet wood 15drs

  • Unlike any other

    Head wood

Four tips for a creative and artistic interior

  1. Dare to experiment: Why stay neatly within the lines when there’s so much to discover outside? Don’t confine yourself to a style or colour; instead, combine items as long as they tell a story or carry a past, fitting perfectly into this interior style. It’s the unexpected combinations that make it unique.
  2. Create an Inspiring Art Gallery: Adorn your walls with artworks that reflect personal taste and creative vision. Mix and match various art styles and sizes to craft an eclectic and engaging art gallery. Consider using display cabinets or bell jars to showcase small treasures as well.
  3. Unique furniture and decorations: Seek out distinctive furniture pieces and decorations that mirror the artistic flair. Think of vintage items, handmade objects, and artistic accessories that tell a story. These special elements will imbue the interior with a personal touch and nurture the creative spirit.
  4. Creative Workspace: Establish a dedicated workspace where creativity takes center stage. Ensure ample storage for art materials, like drawer cabinets, and organize the workspace in a manner that fosters inspiration – keep brushes or other materials within sight, easily reachable. An artistically designed workspace will encourage experimentation and pushing creative boundaries.

Decorate in Artistic style

An artistic interior is a masterpiece of expression and creativity. Warm, rich colors, weathered patinas, and unique artworks come together in a harmonious symphony. Each piece of furniture tells a story, and every corner breathes inspiration.

The space is a gallery filled with personal creations and exceptional finds.

Every detail is carefully chosen, crafting an enchanting atmosphere. A vibrant energy fills the air, while the space serves as a creative sanctuary. This artistic interior evokes emotion and invites imagination, providing a distinct and immersive experience for those who enter.


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