Opposites attract

Posted on 14 February 2023 at 16:26 in Inspiration

Opposites reinforce each other. A good example is black and white, because there is no greater contrast. A pinch more black and your setting has a completely different balance. By playing with the proportions or adding warm materials such as wood or textile, you always create a new variation. From cool graphics to warm dynamics and everything in between.

The power of black and white

Black and white never goes out of style, it is powerful and can even be hypnotic. Black and white is timeless and therefore good to use in many projects. It rarely gets boring. Black and white lends itself perfectly to a modern interior, but in combination with, for example, unique weathered kilim rugs or Moroccan Berbers, you immediately have a different atmosphere and it does not look out of place in an eclectic setting. And what about wood combined with black and white? Highly recommended because the natural warmth of the wood enriches the slightly cooler black and white. In short, black and white is a keeper whatever your style.

Do you go for only black and white or do you combine it with textiles, for example?

Magic patterns

If you want a more unique interior, but with the use of black and white patterns, then bone inlay might be something for you. A strong piece of craftsmanship and you can feel and see that immediately. Bone inlay refers to an old decoration technique, in which several small pieces of bone are joined together and inlaid into one whole. The result is a beautiful geometric pattern in contrasting black and white. A time-consuming job because every piece is made to measure by hand and has to be fitted into the larger whole. Craftsmanship and at the same time a piece of art! Each piece has passed through the hands of the maker and each individual piece has its own color nuance or drawing. But all together they form a magical whole.

With a bone inlay item you have something special, made with love and unlike any other, just like you!

Within our collection we have various interior items that fit in with the black and white style. Carefully selected piece by piece. From an eye-catching side table to an XXL compartment cabinet and from a special inlaid box to a thickly lacquered dining table. Get lost in our diverse range of furniture and home accessories and give your project that little bit extra that you were looking for. View all our black and white items here

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