Stool Lammy black

Esstisch Jake 200*90 schwarz

Teppich vintage 370*241

Stühl Charly blau

Tiger holz

Lampenschirme 25/18 Pompoen gold

Vaze porzellan m/deckel blau/weiss

Vaze porzellan gelb L

Bücherregale Madras 185*36*175

Teelichthalter stein variabel

Frosch eisen

Sieb eisen

Sitzbank holz grün

Kissen Zaza olive 50*50

Stehleuchte Rich

Bücherregale Wellington 80*30*254 schmal

Bücherregale Queens 95*45*220 schwarz 4 schublades

Spiegel Boas 70*100 messing/f

Vase nacken porzellan grün

Sofa Cardiff braun 4 sitzer

Kommode 2 türe 2 schubladen schwarz/braun

Stühl Nice schwarz dunkel

Sofa Eston schwarz 2 sitzer

Halsketten stein

Beistelltisch Vicenza 41*41 schwarz/weiss

Hängelampe Bourgogne

Schöne Kombinationen mit Produkten von Gert Snel

Bei Gert Snel überraschen wir Sie immer wieder mit neuen Stilen, Materialien und Farben. Wir zeigen Ihnen, welche erstaunlichen Kombinationen Sie mit unseren Produkten machen können. Von New Classy zu Eclectics oder Rough & Raw. Auf dieser Seite können Sie einen Teil unserer Kreationen sehen. Interessiert? Besuchen Sie unseren Showroom für noch mehr Gert Snel Inspiration! Registrieren Sie sich als Kunde.


The Little Grant

I do not know exactly when, but it must have been around 1990 when I visited Gert Snel for the first timeI immediately found it a true discovery and over the years I have seen Gert Snel change and grow into who they are today. We are still very happy and satisfied customers and succeed for every project. The collection is expanding and it remains a nice challenge to find something beautiful for the relevant interior. For example, for the hotel The Little Grant, where Gert Snel has left a big mark. Currently we are working hard again on a similar hotel in Limburg. But also for the smaller projects, it is good to be with Gert Snel. Moreover, there is a cozy atmosphere that makes „shopping“ pleasant and we ourselves actually feel at home, and leave with a satisfied feeling.

Babette en Tilly Ghirardelli

B&B De Blauwe Deur

Through business relations we ended up at Gert Snel. We have a Bed and Breakfast, an art gallery and we offer rooms for meetings. Then atmosphere is very important. One must feel at home. To achieve this goal, we went to Gert Snel. The feeling we want to offer our customers is the same feeling when you come in to Snel. Warmth, separate items, creativity and the feeling of coming home. Too many beautiful things to choose from. As you can see on the pictures, we opted for the glass lamps in the kitchen, which are very atmospheric. Also in the photos the chairs by Gert Snel. They are practical and beautiful. The most important thing is that they are very comfortable!

Since I am regularly asked to think along with establishments I will often do a round at Snel! Thanks for the good service!

Orly Trost from De Blauwe Deur in Schoonhoven

Bona Bista Island Bonaire

With a big project on Bonaire, we don’t have the time to travel around the world to find and take home the most beautiful interior pieces for our homes. Through a friendly entrepreneur in Haarlem who advised us to go and see Gert Snel, we ended up with the world of interior under one roof. That is what inspires us, no mass production, but unique pieces of interior that can interpreted in our own way when decorating our houses on BONA BISTA on Bonaire. Good service and a practical working method makes it pleasant experience for us to do the shopping.

Restaurant Di Piu in Brabant

When my husband and I were planning to redecorate our restaurant Di Più, we soon ended up at Gert Snel. And thank goodness for that! In addition to a beautiful and extensive collection of furniture and interior items, we’ve had great service. Marvellous! View the result? Come and visit us in Boxtel. The wine is in the cooler and we have a delicious Italian menu.

Best wishes from Lotte and Altin.

City auditorium in Kampen

The city auditorium in Kampen is a unique theater with a rich history. The building was used in former times as officer’s barracks and a Catholic boys‘ school. The classic old foyer and a modern school foyer were beautifully restored a few years ago with reference to history. ‚If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it‘ you would think. But it still lacked atmosphere and cosiness. A new interior plan has been designed with Gert Snel’s stylists. Suitable for the space: a classic interior with unique rugs and leather armchairs in the old foyer and a rugged decoration of the school foyer. The result: many compliments and relaxed and casual time in the lounge!

Jelle Wouda

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