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Posted on 24 August 2021 at 11:43 in Stories

Gert Snel is unlike any other, just like you. In our wholesale you will find the most unique and extraordinary furniture items and home decoration. From antique cabinets from India to former utensils turned into decoration and enormous eye-catchers. What you find at Gert Snel, you won't find anywhere else. Curious about all our unique items and must-haves? Visit our showroom to discover them all or continue reading to find out more about our hidden gems..

If you want to purchase furniture and home accessories with which you can distinguish yourself in the market, you have come to the right place at our wholesale company. In our showroom you will find countless unique furniture and interior decorations. Mostly handmade and created to enrich interiors. All our unique items come with a story or a past, are equipped with rich details and have the power to transform a room. They’re true eye-catchers, whether they’re large in size or more modest.

Purchase unique furniture at wholesale company Gert Snel

Do you want to expand your retail collection with unique furniture items? Of are you looking for eye-catching cabinets, tables, chairs or benches for the furnishing of your business or project? Then you should definitely think about purchasing at wholesale in unique furniture, Gert Snel. Our antique cabinets will make every room that more interesting. Take our antique cabinets from India, for example. Full with beautiful, handmade details in the woodwork and equipped with faded color details. Our lacquer cabinets from China, on the other hand, can’t be missed due to their colorful and glamorous looks.

At Gert Snel we’re also known for our extra long dining tables. Perfect for hosting and the indispensable eye-catcher in your restaurant or the dining room area of your project. Finish the look of the dining area with our diverse dining room chairs. From velvet chairs to vintage wooden chairs and industrial leather chairs.

Did you know that you can also visit our wholesale if you want to purchase outdoor furniture? Our root wood outdoor tables and chairs are hypnotically beautiful. Do you want to make a great (first) impression? Then you should definitely think about purchasing our outdoor benches. Our wooden benches are hanmade and have the most beautiful wood carving details. Besides our wooden garden benches you will also find other antique benches in our collection. Take our antique station benches for example. The perfect eye-catcher to attract customers!

Purchasing unique home decoration? Visit wholesale Gert Snel!

Besides our unique furniture you can also visit our wholesale when you’re purchasing unique home decoration. Our wholseale in home accessories is filled with vases, pots, wall decoration, statues, figures, pillars and other various home accessories to decorate your business with. With the help of our unique interior decoration you will create an unparalleled atmosphere that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

We have interior decoration available in all shapes and sizes. From small, characteristic decorations to enormous statues and curiosity. How about an antique ferris wheel, for example? Or are you looking to purchase a more ‘practical’ eye-catcher? Then what about our vintage doors, which you can use as wall decoration, or a beatiful wooden or stone statue? Besides these larges objects, you will also find plenty of small must-haves in our collection. From pretty vases and pots to wooden bowls, Indonesian poppets and stone objects on a stand.

Can’t wait to purchase our unique items? Contact our sales team to plan a visit to our showroom, or shop (most of them) directly at our B2B-only webshop. Note: our showroom and online shop can only be visited when you’re a customer of Gert Snel. Want to become a customer of our wholesale in furniture? Register with this form and our sales team will get in touch!

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