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Posted on 19 August 2021 at 15:17 in Stories

Discover the iconic table collection of our wholesale in furniture. From extra long dining tables to stunning coffee tables and antique and unique other tables. Want to purchase tables? Want to find out more about our table collection? Continue reading or visit our showroom or online shop now!

One of the things our wholesale in furniture is mostly known for are our tables. From extra long dining tables to table tops, side tables and coffee tables. You’re at the right place at our wholesale for purchasing all sorts of tables. From modern round ones to classic wooden tables and industrial tables with steel legs.

Wholesale in dining tables

Especially our collection of dining tables leads a lot of customers to our wholesale. Our wholesale in dining tables offers classic wooden dining tables, but also modern round dining tables. Another thing our wholesale in tables is known for are the extra long dining tables (up to 6 meters long). Perfect for furnishing large houses, restaurants and other impressive styling projects. Want to compose your own dinner table? Purchase our table tops and table legs and bases seperately to create the perfect dining tables for your project or collection.

In our wholesale in furniture you can also purchase plenty of dining room chairs to pair with our dinner tables. So do you want to purchase velvet dining room chairs, wooden dining chairs or leather dining room chairs? Pay a visit to our wholesale in furniture to discover the dinner tables and chairs that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Wholesale in side tables

In our wholesale there are also plenty of options to discover when you’re purchasing side tables. From modern golden side tables and steel side tables to classic wooden side tables and antique ones. We love the diversity of these small tables. They can be used in many different ways and there’s always room for one (more). Visit our wholesale in side tables to discover all options, dimensions and materials while purchasing side tables.

Wholesale in coffee tables

Also if you’re purchasing coffee tables you’re at the right place in our wholesale. Our classic wooden coffee tables are always a hit, but make sure to check out our tough industrial coffee tables and modern round coffee tables as well. When you want to purchase our coffee tables, you should also definitely check out our sofa’s, arm chairs and outdoor benches to complete the lounging area of your business.

Wholesale in bar tables

Besides the dining tables, coffee tables and other antique and unique tables, our wholesale also offers a selection of bar tables. If you’re purchasing restaurant furniture, don’t forget to check out our bar tables. Together with our bar stools in leather, velvet or wood, you can create a look that really makes your restaurant or club stand out. While you’re there, don’t forget to view our square restaurant tables as well. Also an indispensable option while purchasing for restaurant furniture.

Curious about all the tables in our wholesale? Contact our sales team to visit our showroom or check out our online wholesale; our B2B only online shop.

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